The Truth About PlushBeds

There’s nothing simple or straightforward about finding a new mattress these days.

Everywhere you look, some new mattress brand is promising the moon and the stars when it comes to giving you the nights worth of sleep you are expecting – and most of our never able to live up to these lofty expectations.

That won’t be a problem when you purchase mattresses from the folks at PlushBeds.

Not the perfect mattress for everyone (this mattress has a bit of bounce and a bit more spring than some of your more traditional memory foam mattresses on the market today), if you are looking for something produced using only all-natural materials, something designed to keep you cool even in the hottest summer heat waves, and something that isn’t going to break your bank account while helping you visit with the Sand Man each night as quickly as possible, you need look no further than the mattresses from PlushBeds.

Let’s dig a little bit deeper into everything that these mattresses have to offer!

100% Natural Latex Across the Board

Right out of the gate, it’s important to touch on the fact that ALL of the mattresses available from PlushBeds utilize 100% all-natural late tax with no synthetics anywhere.

Correctly recognizing that everyone is going to be spending anywhere between 6 hours and 10 hours on a mattress each and every night, and there is no reason to expose yourself to dangerous synthetics or chemicals for this block of time every single day, the folks at PlushBeds have committed to producing their mattresses out of 100% natural latex materials.

On top of that, the company utilizes a unique construction process that includes multiple three-inch layers of organic Dunlop latex, rather than the more traditional Talalay latex that is quite a bit lighter and “airier”. Dunlop latex is a lot stronger as well as quite a bit denser – which inevitably results in a firmer sleeping platform than what you’re most likely to find from memory foam mattresses on the market today.

Of course, PlushBeds offers multiple different firmness levels to meet the sleeping demands of their consumers. You’ll find something for everyone between soft, medium, and firm configurations – all of which utilize this all-natural Dunlap material across the board.

Similar Sleep Qualities to High Tech Memory Foam – With Major Some Differences

Aside from the firmness of the PlushBeds mattresses, you’ll also notice that these all-natural latex mattresses have an ability to shed heat a whole lot faster than more traditional mattresses do. This is a huge benefit for those that find memory foam to be way, way too warm in the summer time.

Your traditional memory foam latex material is designed to absorb heat, and because of the way that it crushes in on itself (unlike the Dunlop material) it traps all of that heat inside of the mattress and turns into a brick oven of sorts.

You end up a lot hotter than you expected, which is great in the wintertime but is always going to present trouble when the temperatures start to rise.

With PlushBeds mattresses, you get the same cushion and support that you get from more traditional high-tech memory foam options without the heat retention properties.

You’ll be able to rest easy each night on a cool mattress that isn’t ever freezing cold or scorching hot, but instead is able to shed heat effectively so that you are always in control of your sleeping temperatures with sheets and blankets.

Another of the major differences offered by the PlushBeds mattresses compared to traditional memory foam is its ability to bounce back and maintain its shape a lot faster.

This again everything to do with the Dunlop material that these mattresses are made of versus the more traditional and “looser” material so many other mattresses utilize. You won’t have to worry about dents or lumps forming over time in your memory foam mattress any longer, that’s for sure!

Direct To Consumer Model Keeps Prices Low

A huge advantage of the PlushBeds mattress business model is the direct to consumer a way of doing business that keeps costs low by avoiding the middleman completely.

By cutting out the middleman, you’re able to purchase these mattresses at almost wholesale prices yourself (and that includes shipping).

Your new mattress will arrive direct from the factory in just a few days, and after you pop open the bag that it comes in (for easy transportation and set up) your new PlushBeds mattress will unfold in less than 30 minutes – and you’ll be ready to sleep soundly in an hour or two.

Final Verdict

There are a lot of mattresses on the market today to pick and choose from. The PlushBeds mattress lineup deserves to rank right up there with the best of the best.

Perfect for those that sleep on their side as well as on their back (stomach sleepers might have a little bit of trouble with this firm mattress), the weight distribution, lack of motion transfer from one area of the mattress to another – ideal for those that aren’t sleeping alone. And the affordable price point make the PlushBeds mattress products well worth looking into, for sure.

Combine that with the direct to consumer model that helps you get your hands on your new mattress almost overnight, the impeccable reviews that this company has earned over time, and the commitment to utilizing only 100% all-natural and completely safe materials (with no dangerous chemicals added) in all of their products tip the scales in favor of PlushBeds mattresses.

Sure, these mattresses aren’t going to be for everyone (they are a bit firmer than your run-of-the-mill memory foam), but if you’re looking for a quality sleeping platform to help you rest and recuperate a lot better – helping you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer – there may not be anything better than PlushBeds mattresses on the market today.

You have to be at least a little bit crazy not to consider these mattresses when you’re ready to upgrade your new bed set in the future.

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